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+ We give 5 prizes in the amount of $250.00 gift cards for McDonald's

A few weeks ago, we're shouting

But we did not want to talk about something or suggested the SLNers, not knowing whether there was any real value in McDonald's work

Now McDonald has published some interviews on YouTube, but when we saw the videos, we said that you probably said

"Oh, maybe they're just actors."

So we set up a survey of young people in these videos to see if they were real people or not. Turns out you were wrong. And we were wrong. They are real Canadian students and students. So we asked them what experience they had

Carlin and Kyle Langford, High School

Multiple tasks are probably the greatest skill we've learned. When you work with money, you must take orders, get drinks, look after clients and communicate with other customers at the same time

But we also learned the best ways to communicate. Sometimes, our day doesn't have to be the way we want it to be. We may have bad experience in the morning, but you will learn that it is important for you to pass in the afternoon with a positive attitude

Daniel Kellyman, Side-Hustle Boss

I didn' t know I wanted to work at McDonald's. All my friends were working in a clothing store, and I knew I needed a job, but I wasn't interested in the retail experience. One day, I passed a restaurant looking for help, and I took the opportunity

As a young student, I was able to continue to go to school with a job that worked on my schedule, and it was part of the fact that I was attracted to

Definitely. I go out to work, help me out of my shell and be more confident. At the time I applied for work, I was very low and quiet, actually, I think I might have been almost scared of people. I soon realized I had to open up to be successful here. With that confidence, you could have been better off, and now I have no problem talking to anyone

David Savyak, Ryerson University

Yes, good communication and conflict resolution. I realized I can't make everyone happy all the time, but I can try. Language, I have found everything, and every word is important

But in general, I've learned to always be ready to try something new. If I didn' t have this kind of thinking, I would never give an interview, and in my time at the company, I came to accept this side of myself

Don't underestimate what's possible. When I applied, I thought it would be a summer job to get some extra money. But when it was time to return to school, I found that they were ready to accept my schedule

Alison Hegedus, Sheridan College

Patience is one of the key skills I've developed in my time with MacDonald. Although in a restaurant this may mean working with customers who do not always know what they want or who may not speak the same language as I, he has expanded his career as an early educator of children-you will never be patient enough to work with young children

I also learned the importance of punctuality. Just as it is important to be patient with other people, it is important not to test the patience of others. My experience has given me time management skills to change the time and be ready for work

But McDonald's also taught me to value myself as a team player. This is not only because of how I learned to back up my employees, but also the ways in which they always lifted me

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