10 applications to help you destro

Exchanges usually mean eating the ramen from your last net cup, connected to caffeine, and working four hours of sleep (if you are lucky)

But who said the exams should turn your life into a mist, exhausting, a busy week? Do yourself a favor and set yourself up for success with these super-useful applications to maintain healthy habits and moderate habits for chaotic time, which is in the exam

Although it may only be seven minutes, this powerful little exercise will leave you sweat. So if you don't have time to go to the gym or not to feel in public in your current study, like a state, it could be an application for you. Get some rest from the books and get some intense training!

On your laptop computer, jawbone jawed with a tastet of excitement over you? We were all there. All this week, it's easy to forget to stop at the exam, turn your back on the screen and breathe. Breathe, I ask you a few simple questions about your mood, and you will write off some meditation. If you only have a few minutes, there's meditation for this, or if you want to be in the meditative, and you have set up in some Zen vibes, you can spend 20 minutes to not care

When you scroll through the flow of large and better lives in the installer, it's easy to forget what you already have. Being grateful to people, things and memories that you have right now is a fantastic way to relax. Grattitud365 allows you to enjoy something every day that you thank for what you can do as easy as the morning cup of coffee. You can also add an image. You can call it your new mini-thank you. All the fun and the creative with this

He may be taking part in a Caribbean cruise or finally paying off all your student loans, no matter what your dream life looks like, write it down! Creating future tasks that will have hope for the future is an excellent way to achieve the goal. He adds focus and purpose to your daily life. Finding a dollar on the TNT suddenly becomes a step towards financing your trip to your dream. You can use Vision Board to select 9 different images representing different parts of your life (e.g. health, travel, wealth, etc.). Check this application in the morning or at any time when you need a little reminder of your big dreams

Two minutes after you went to study, you somehow end up scrolling through Instagram. It's happening to the best of us. You go to Google something from your textbook, and then suddenly you get sucked into the social media vortex. This is where Freedom is becoming your new best friend. Just go to websites that, as you know, distract you, set the time you need to distract, and be productive! Please welcome the social media

A week before the end of the week is probably the most uploading week at school, so you may not have time to go to the grocery store with all that chaos. That means you can open your refrigerator into one banana, half a piece of orange juice and a little cheese. With the help of Handpick, you can hit the ingredients that are available in your refrigerator, and it will instantly pick up recipes based on these ingredients. Discover some new recipes and clean your refrigerator completely

Late research till 4:00 a.m

Easier meals, healthy meals are easily missed out of college, but especially during the exam week. After you're probably gonna do it late at night, make sure you give your mind some solid fuel. For college students, SUPPP has a thin, healthy and tasty recipes that served even the most lasso cooks. Scroll down to find some tasty dish and make yourself a delicious dish

You're already at school, so now you may have your mother, your mother's friend, your grandmother, and your neighbor, all of you are told that you drink more water. Well, I don't want to break it to you, but they're right. Keep your healthy, happy and hydrated with WaterIn. With this application, you can monitor your glasses of water throughout the day and remind you that you should eat good ol ' H2O

Last but not least, it is an application that you have more than likely stored in a folder because your phone will not allow you to delete it. The phones all come up with this app, and I've recently discovered a lot of wonders for this little guy. There are countless free podcasts in each theme, so find you

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Let us hope that one or all of these applications will help make the week of the exam less stressful. In the conditions of all the stress tests and student life, please remember so that you can rest and rejuvenate yourself. Whether to use one of these applications or to find other alternatives. You take care of yourself and fail your exams!

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