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Taxes. No, wait, please don't go! We are fully considered to be tax-like, as captured as dry paints (a few less). But you know what's exciting? Free money. As a Canadian student, you can get several tax breaks from the government, which could put cheddar into your glasses, just by checking some boxes. (Like, money...not cheese. That would be weird

We have chosen the brains of 26-year-old Omeed Asadi (Omeed Asadi, the University of Marketing), which makes a small mixup with the Canadian tax matrices a bit easier to navigate the free online calculator that he created

First of all: What is a tax credit?

You pay your taxes for everything you buy. The tax credit is part of the monola you can deducts from taxes that you owe the government every year.

Here are five federal tax credits Asadi said all Canadian students must have on their radar: 1. Tax credit:

This is a head of student tax credit in Canada. If you are over 16 years old and enrolled in high school in Canada, you can claim this school to reduce taxable income. If you are not currently working and do not make any money, you can transfer amounts for use in the following years when you start bringing home the bacon. Or, if you feel very well, you can transfer up to $5,000 to your parents, grandparents, so they don't store them in your file

Note: Canadian schools publish the form T2202A (usually you can access it when you log on to your student account). It indicates which tuition fees you paid, and you will need it to return your return

2. Tax credit for education and tutorial:

The "Education" component helps to cover the total costs associated with the student being a student, and you can claim a set for each month on which you enrolled the program for the post-secondary program. This year's education tax credit is $400. (In thousands of United States dollars) (In United States dollars) Not too shaky! The tutorial helps you to cover the cost of the paper bricks you need to cover. The monthly credit amount is $65. (In thousands of United States dollars)

Leaders: liberals are a credit in the 2016 budget, and it will be abolished after this year. Make sure you use it while you can

3. Interest on loan from student loan:

Is there a debt? Yeah, welcome to the club. Well, if you took the loans supported by the government to pay for the school, you could get a chunk of change back. You get 15 percent of the interest you pay for your credit, which can actually add. Think of all the sandwiches you can buy. (BRB ... grab a sandwich.)

Capturing: Private loans and loans issued by foreign governments are not subject to the law. Oop. Oop. Failed

4. Public transport tax credit:

If you take the bus, train or metro every day! You can get a tax credit. As long as you use the bandwidth, you can travel without restriction a week, a month, or a year. So make sure you keep your receipts or come in as evidence in case the taxis is a fake

Leaders: the feds just announced they threw that sum from July 1, 2017, so while it's hot

5. Transfer of sales tax:

If you move more than 40 km from home to school-in Canada or abroad, you may be able to get some money back for things such as the cost of the ticket and the cost of travel. There's a lot of limitations. You must be a full-time student and be a recipient of a taxable scholarship or grant or have a job income. Make sure you do some digging to see if you're up to the bill

You have to. All Canadians are entitled to the GST/HST credit, but you cannot claim it if you do not. Even if you don't have to pay the tax this year, then

You'll be hashed yourself in a few years, when you realize you could do your taxes instead of watching another episode

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