10 products you can grow in your home or in the garden.

You may think that in the garden or in the garden there is something only retired people, but to grow your own products at home, when you can save you a ton of cash (and this is also quite fun) ..

And the best part is you.

We picked up the top ten green, which you can easily grow in your garden (or a house!), and added several pointers to how to start, too ...

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How to grow fruit and vegetables at home.

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First of all, you won't do it.

A little space on.

If you want to be outside, you have a limited landing room, huh?

If you're lucky you have a garden with some soil and space for digging, go ahead and.

You can also grow things like tomatoes, strawberries, or potatoes in.

For deeper vegetables, such as carrots or potatoes, you can also try to use.

Finally, you can always see if yours.

What do you need to grow food at home?

The sadder may sound like a hobby that comes with a whole range of expensive set, but you don't need much to crack the growing food ...

If you grow up in a room, you'll just need a little more than that.If you grow from the outside, you may want to invest in

The fertilizer location will help speed up growth and keep your fleet-growing growth at best. You could use Babibio for this, but it's a little expensive.

You will only need to invest in such hardcore things like shovels or vowels if you plan to put things in your garden, but you can get these rather cheap.

It's easy to grow food.

Onions and garlic.

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As a final ingredient ... well, about.

Not only do they grow very easily at home, but also if you are.

How to grow onions and garlic.

To grow their homes, look at these green shoots (the one that usually means that your onion needs to laugh) and grows them in the shape of the onion of the whole onion or one garlic in well-drined soil (either in the ground or in a large bag for cultivation) ..

Try to make sure that they are in the soil in the spring or autumn, and leave them to do their business (remembering that they are water)

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Whether you want to roast them, boil them or wave them, these beauties are delicious tasty things, and you can easily grow them in the old garden, in the trash can ...

The biggest in potatoes is that they're happy to grow anywhere while you have a few basics covered ...

How to grow potatoes.

Fill in the old bin, grow a sack or even an old potato sack/bag.

As soon as you start seeing that green shoots appear above the ground, cover a little more compost, wait until they reappear, and then repeat ...

Continue this process until the bag/box is filled in and.

Make sure your drawer/bag is seawed on top of some bricks so that the water will come out of the water, and if you grow them inside, close the bottom of the stoning before adding your soil so that the excess of water is plasted

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Fresh herbs can make even the most boring food super tasty, but the problem is that they can cost a fair bean and keep it fresh long enough to get their money (though they are.

Great choice of grass in the window, outside in pots or in the gallows basket will be a great addition to yours.

How to grow herbs.

You can either take the seeds from the garden centre or buy the gutting plant in the supermarket (you can often find some peaking in a smaller section-take them home and take them to the window and they will be.

Basilica, chili, boys and shank will be glad in the sunny window or in the window, and oregano, timme, mint and rosemary all will be fine both inside and outside the garden ..

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Who doesn't like a juicy strawberry in breakfast, on the neck or in a gin and tonic?

How to grow strawberries.

You can plant strawberries in pots, grow bags or garden if they don't get too much water ...

The bonus is that if you look after them, they will produce fruit year after year ...

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A wonderful thing for salad is that you can grow them all year round if you choose different varieties according to the seasons ..

How to grow lettuce.

Build them in the ground, if you have space, or in a window, if you have a free leafy variety. To sing salads, you can also grow cut onions and radishes in plant pots, too ...

Another amazing thing about salad is how fast leaves grow plant seeds in summer months, and you'll have enough to bet.

If you find that the boats are eating them before you, some shredding shells or salt around your plants will help to separate them ...

Peretz and Perce.

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Hot or not, peppers and peppers are an excellent way of icing any dish-and it's quite easy to grow, too ...

How to grow peppers and pepper.

Plants will be fine in a small pot on your window ...

It is possible to grow a variety of types of seed production-just to pass in a pan and to irrigate them small and often. Lightweight ...

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Celery is one of the few mentorers that can replicate themselves if you just eat what you want and then put your roots in the water when you're done ...

How to grow celery.

All you have to do is put the root in a shallow bowl or a cup of water with a horse sieve, make sure it is not fully loaded (but spraying the top with water from time to time, so that it does not dry) ..

It's a good idea to glue cocktail wands on the sides and resting on the edges, so that there is no water at the top ...

It is surprising that a new little celery head will appear in a week, and at this point you can transfer it to some soil in a saucepan or grow a bag. For a few weeks, you'll have a whole new edible celery!There are many other products that can be modified from scratch, such as

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The student is a schoolboy, so why don't you raise them yourself?How to grow tomatoes.

You can either buy tomato seeds or plant them or choose a young factory that already has a grape vine if you want to start producing earlier ...

Once they have a decent size, you can put them in your bag, or you can buy special varieties for a padlock, too ...

You may have to use a wooden map and link the grapes to the garden wire so that the plants will remain vertical and invest in some.

As soon as they began blushing, choose them (all good if they are still a little green/shaky) and slapping them on the bottom of the window, until they are fully rivated. Put your tomatoes in the fridge.

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In order to be able to grow food in the end, you really can't get much faster or easier than just ...

How to grow caresses.

You take the old boiler that used to buy in the supermarket, or any cheap and small plastic pans, and put it in some soil and seeds. It stopped in a sunny spot near the window, and it didn' t stop. Bingo ...

Cress is so easy to get to that you can even plant in an old yogurt pot, or in empty eggshells, if you feel very creative ...

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Roncarb is great. You can boil it to make pies, crutches, or just throw it in some custard and flavour it is great (though we never eat it raw or you will be with severe pain gallon!) ..

How to grow rhubarb.

The easiest way to raise rhubarb is to get some young plants from the garden centre and plant them either in your garden or in the big pot ...

They need soil at the top level, so this is where you might have to spend some money, but rhubarb tends to grow in abundance as soon as it catches you to get your money