Hey, instagram hotshot, you want to be in the real fashion campaign?

Is your Instagram LIT? Do you want to participate in the work of TopshopTuestoday as a model or a photographer or artist? (ALL)

Hello, there. My name is Samantha Moss, and I'm here, and there, in the evil creative arts. I recently collaborated with Topshop | Topman and Student Life Network and took a year during the year, #TopshopTuesday. Our target? To give as many students as possible to demonstrate their creative work with the fashion

"What are you looking for?"

If you are a creative student who is looking for an amazing job in your portfolio (not to mention the boasting rights to work on this Topshop campaign), or perhaps simply there is an ill-considered passion for fashion, then I may have an opportunity for you

And when I tell the model, I'm not looking for a Gidi's Hadid's doppelganger

Every Tuesday I am responsible for ensuring that the social media publish the SLN. I'm looking for high quality photos that reflect my high quality team and the high quality clothes we're going to promote. To do this, I'm looking for people with the experience of photography or people who want to get some. I need a "model" with fun, a relationship that wants to carry some of the fat, fat

And when I tell the models, I'm not looking for "Doppelganger" GiGi Hadid. I'm looking for people who look like our friends, cousins and neighbors; people who can be easily identified on average. If you want people to make a lock, I need you. If you have a talent for working with clever Instagram, I need you more

In simple terms, we want them to have very sick pictures with real students

"What's in it for me?"

In addition to the free Topshop gift you get the opportunity to expand your artistic horizons, while you are working to include in your portfolios

Nothing but good things, my friends. In fact, I have a weekly budget consisting of TopShop gift cards I use at my discretion. I think the best way to do that is to share the goods equally among my team on the basis of post-processing. In addition to the free Topshop gift you get the opportunity to expand your artistic horizons, while you are working to include in your portfolios

"How does that work?"

For each post I submit to SLN, I will include your names and social network descriptors to make sure that you are enrolled in your work. SLN will post pictures on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. We encourage, but do not oblige you to post photos on your own social networks, but if you are proud of the work you are doing, why don't you do it?

Some of our work is

I don't study a fashion in Ryerson or a picture in the OCAD. I'm not a professional artist or a liaison person. I'm hungry, the third year, a law student of the University of McMaster University, is just trying to find my muse in creative industries. On a small background in visual arts (I attended several art schools during my day), I would like to describe my artistic skills as a theater at best, with great skill to improve. So I want to grow up and learn from all my colleagues who want to work with me!

If you would like to participate in the TopShopTuessday project, please contact me at:


Or we can keep him in the unconstrained situation, and you can lock me up on Facebook

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Sam is a resident Fashion SLN and blogger. She also finds time to be a student at McMaster University. For some reason